Note to self

Lately…possibly…I’ve been getting a little burnt out on Livejournal.
Sure, I still post more than the average normal human with a life, but way less than my usual.
I’m getting sick of writing detailed recaps of my days, because I don’t think anybody really cares…and I don’t really care.
No more recaps unless I think it’s something exciting…or if I’m really bored and have nothing to do, which doesn’t happen so often anymore.

One of the greatest parts about having a live journal is to be able to go back in four years or whenever and realize what your life was like, what your feelings were like, etc…so I’ve decided to leave myself a little note:

Dear Self,

Don’t ever forget how lucky you are.
Yes you may be living in your parents basement, but at least you have parents that will help you out if you need it.
Yes your job can be quite boring at times, but at least you have a job, and it pays pretty damn well for your education level.
Yes, car payments are expensive, but at least you don’t drive a truck anymore (crazy woman)….I bet you drive an electric car now, as you will only be having the cobalt for three years.
Most importantly: Don’t forget what makes you the luckiest girl in the world. On a day in which you were feeling mightily crappy, the stars aligned and you just happened to meet the most perfect man in the world for you. He gets all your stupid jokes, he’s ok with the fact that you are just a bit ditzy and crazy, and in fact might even find it endearing. He brings you NyQuil when you are sick (and by no fault of his own gets way too excited about it). He lets you drag him to all your geeky activities like Science Fiction Conventions and Renaissance fairs and he has a good attitude about it. And he doesn’t get very angry when you get short and stressed out and take your spazziness out on him (and that’s huge). Sure he gets crabby, and he has a very particular attachment to his leftovers, but there’s really nobody better in the world for you. So really you are the luckiest girl in the world. Oh and to top all of that, he’s totally hot. Lucky girl.

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I've got the flu.

I don't think I'm going to make it to fest tomorrow.

Does anyone want to take point for me?

There's free tickets in it for you.
KenErica Siblings Rockin Out!

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In exchange for one of my (darling) tote bags that I've been making lately - one of my coworkers is going to teach me how to knit. SQUEE!
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Misfits Renfest Day

Geek Day at RenFest
HUZZAH!  Geek lords and ladies, join us for a day at the Renaissance Festival.

If you are an early riser you can meet up outside the front gate with Erica and company at 9:00 am. If you plan on strolling in later, you can meet up with the group 45 minutes before vilification at "the bear" (tis on the RenFest map if you are not familiar with this location).

If have any questions, send an email to edutainment@misfit.orgIf you need to contact me/Erica the day of the event (i.e. you are running late and still want to join up with the group), you can call me at 651-two two six-1349.

Don't forget there is ROAD CONSTRUCTION underway en route to the fest grounds so please plan your time accordingly for traffic!

Saturday, September 17th
First meet up at 9:00 am @ the front gate
Second meet up @ 11:45 WHICH IS 45 minutes before Vilification Tennis @ the bear

All are welcome! Feel free to don your renaissance garb to get in the spirit!

For more information on Misfits events visit

Dr Who Dalek


I had a nightmare last night.


I dreamt that there was a comet heading for Earth, and we were all going to die in three days.


The first day Nick and I tried to get married cause we were afraid we were going to go to hell for living in sin.  The pastor was killed by a flying house from a tornado (a la Wizard of oz)  right in front of us.  We gave up on that.


The next day chebutykin  and cajones  were going to throw an End of the world *slash* Birthday for cleo  party combo.

During the party their roof blew off the house.


Nick and I had to find refuge, and found refuge for the next night in stark0228 ’s garage.


Then that night we stood outside and watched the big massive fiery ball come flying towards us, right at us…apparently we were right where the comet was going to land…I either died, or woke up.  Or when I died I woke up from my nightmare.


Yeah, not so cool.