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yeah so

Just IN case I haven't mentioned how lucky I am to have Nick in my life before now....

He just bought me an Ipod early christmas/6 month anniversary present.

Yeah IPODS good

And who said you can't buy my love

...although I don't think it's technically buying my love if he already has it.

Also BEST pat show ever on Friday night with Cleo, Nick and 4 virgins who just "got it" and really got into the whole singing, dancing having fun aspect.

Also also, best Vikings game ever on Sunday with Geohard, cleo and Nick. 4th row, 50 yard line tickets.

The best part is that Cleo and I accidentally went to section 118 instead of 119...took a wrong turn and when george came to tell us, the people were mocking us...saying our seats wouldnt be that good. Yeah we had better seats, so suck it assholes!

Also I had a really good review at work on Wednesday

And Thanksgiving with Nick's family was as best as could be expected

I met his little brother who was awesome.

And I signed up for two classes (Statistics and Macroecon) for spring semester.

That's it for me now...

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