Erica (eowynmn) wrote,

So...I haven't made a post in approx 2 or 3 weeks

And as inquired on SAt night - nope I didnt defriend anyone, I've just been busy and ...I wanted to quit LJing at work. I'm super busy there and I just shouldnt.
And since Im so busy at home these days - not really reading it too much too so if you ask me "Well gawd didnt you read it on my lj" probably not these days. ...maybe I just need a break?

Anyway hope all is well

as for me:
Things are going ok at my parentals
Nick just moved into his new place and bought a king sized bed and I'm in heavan and spending most of my time there (another reason for not ljing - I'm sure if our relationship ever gets boring then I will put the internet first again)

Anyway hi everyone!


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