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I'm looking for a black male to participate in a skit for converegence to fill a certain role for a certain spoof - if you are interested and/or know anyone who would possibly be interested - please email me!


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yeah so

Just IN case I haven't mentioned how lucky I am to have Nick in my life before now....

He just bought me an Ipod early christmas/6 month anniversary present.

Yeah IPODS good

And who said you can't buy my love

...although I don't think it's technically buying my love if he already has it.

Also BEST pat show ever on Friday night with Cleo, Nick and 4 virgins who just "got it" and really got into the whole singing, dancing having fun aspect.

Also also, best Vikings game ever on Sunday with Geohard, cleo and Nick. 4th row, 50 yard line tickets.

The best part is that Cleo and I accidentally went to section 118 instead of 119...took a wrong turn and when george came to tell us, the people were mocking us...saying our seats wouldnt be that good. Yeah we had better seats, so suck it assholes!

Also I had a really good review at work on Wednesday

And Thanksgiving with Nick's family was as best as could be expected

I met his little brother who was awesome.

And I signed up for two classes (Statistics and Macroecon) for spring semester.

That's it for me now...
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Does anyone know of anything fun going on for Halloween Saturday?

I have a backup plan (traditional redneck relatives get drunk in Burnsville party) ...but it's good to have alternatives.


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So...I haven't made a post in approx 2 or 3 weeks

And as inquired on SAt night - nope I didnt defriend anyone, I've just been busy and ...I wanted to quit LJing at work. I'm super busy there and I just shouldnt.
And since Im so busy at home these days - not really reading it too much too so if you ask me "Well gawd didnt you read it on my lj" probably not these days. ...maybe I just need a break?

Anyway hope all is well

as for me:
Things are going ok at my parentals
Nick just moved into his new place and bought a king sized bed and I'm in heavan and spending most of my time there (another reason for not ljing - I'm sure if our relationship ever gets boring then I will put the internet first again)

Anyway hi everyone!

Interview with Vampire - Brad Pitt WTF



I'm very territorial

and ex girlfriends of my current boyfriend calling him out of the blue and doing the whole "do we still have a chance/do you still think about me thing" downright PISSES ME OFF.


I turn into a diva of divas if some bitch is treading on my territory. Girl better recognize.
I'm ready to lay the smackdown on this shiznit.
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